Following the viral success of her internationally acclaimed song Crazy, and the hypnotic duet Sur le Sable with american poet Mike Ladd, Ornette returns with an effervescent hybrid divertimento, ode to innocence and wonder, change and resilience.

A puzzling and unexpected album, soaring and uplifting that holds a sober sophistication and the refinement of a sensual dreamlike world. This Ornette’s journey smells fragrances of endless nights and tastes like eternal summer. Soaring, sensual and voluptuous, Ornette sings (in English, French and for the first time Italian) romantic rêveries and carnal love, dizziness and butterflies.

Feather light vocals beautifully shaped by brilliant French producer Renaud Letang (Manu Chao, Katerine, Son Little, Feist) highlight words that convey the introspective poetry of contemporary womanhood.

The so elusive French Touch’s little sister Ornette shapes an album that reminds us of the golden hours of Air’s synthesizers, Sebastien Tellier’s harmonies and the candour of L’Impératrice.

Mixing with delicacy orchestral productions (Where Did Your Love Go ? Love Will Never Die), refreshing electro fantasies (The Mojo Back, Là-Bas), élégance française (Là Où Tu Seras), Italian musica leggera (Oltremare), synthpop (Battant Pavillon Étranger) as well as heroic Italo-disco (The Bench), Ornette’s proteiform univers is magnified by the sound magician Renaud Letang. As the unclassifiable Here Comes The Sun or the mysterious and suspended Là Où Tu Seras.

Don’t get fooled, it’s no mirage: Ornette is back for real. 
Cheer up, fasten your seatbelts, you can now say « Aishiteru » (I love you)