Dear all – Stop – Suis en retard like Alice’s rabbit – stop – I wish you an awesome & happy 2013 – stop – j’ai un truc pour vous, a little thing, una piccola cosa – stop – un cadeau, a gift, un regalo – stop – pour passer l’année – stop – together – stop – it’s called ORNETTE’S 13 – stop – mon calendrier  – stop – top depart demain le 13.01.13 – stop – a song in free download tous les 13 de chaque mois – stop – plus un joli calendrier à imprimer pour chaque émoi – stop – chaque mois quoi – stop – avec une super photo – stop – je vous offre une chanson tous les 13 de chaque mois pour fêter 2013 – stop – take care of it – stop – 13 ça porte bonheur – stop – and share it as much as you can – stop – baci baci – Ornette   


2013 begins while I’m starting to record my second album.
Crazy, my first album, has been a very…crazy adventure. Even much crazier than I ever would have imagined. My songs, music and voice are still being played all around the world and this makes me realize how lucky I am.
As lucky as number 13.
And that Lucky #13 idea makes me want to do something to share with you all.
As a thank you gift for sharing, playing and enjoying my music.
Something to spend time together while waiting for the release of my second album.
What could be better than a 2013 calendar in which every 13th day of the month brings you a new song?
I’m very happy to introduce you to Ornette’s 13, my calendar!
Each month, you’ll get a printable version of the current month’s calendar and a new special song – a cover to rediscover, while I’m working on my new compositions.

Happy 2013 & keep on sharing music, peace & love.

Isn’t it what it’s all about?